• Aelia


    This is Aelia. For the believers and spiritual folks.

    This denim vest is upcycled and hand embroidered in my atelier in Amsterdam.

    This piece is made out of a used pair of jeans

    belonging to a talented musician,

    I wanted to create something special with them.

    It was inspired by the ancient tarot cards, this being my interpretation of the 19th card of the deck : The Sun.

    To add to this mystical piece, natural stones of Lapis Lazuli are stitched with gold metallic yarn, the same golden yarn embroidered on the ends on this piece as ornament.

    This piece is perfect to give a boho/gypsy vibe to all styles!


    This garment can be worn by a size S or M depending on the morphology but more informations are available below concerning all the main body measurements.

    • Measurements laying flat

      Total length = 53cm / 20,8 inches

      Half chest = 44cm / 17,3 inches

      Half waist = 42cm / 16,5 inches

      Half bottom-width = 43cm / 16,9 inches

      Shoulder to shoulder = 34cm / 13,4 inches