• Danika


    This is Danika, the midnight wonder. For the dreamers and the gyspy souls roaming this earth at the witchy hour.

    ☽ ☾

    This black sleeveless denim jacket is a one of a kind with an authentic feeling.

    This jacket is upcycled and handmade out of used denim goods,

     with its holistic scenery entirely embroidered by hand,

    from the mountains to the waves.


    There are two pockets with golden zippers on the front, no closure and a raw finish to the hems and collar.


    The jacket can be worn by a size S, M but more informations are available below concerning all the main body measurements.

    ☽ ☾

    • Measurements laying flat

      Total length = 56cm / 22 inches

      Half chest = 47cm / 18 inches

      Half waist (40cm from the shoulder point)= 43cm / 17 inches

      Half bottom-width = 43cm /  17 inches

      Shoulder to shoulder = 38cm / 15 inches

      Armhole measured straight = 21cm / 8 inches

      Pockets = 15cm / 5,9 inches