• Dharma


    This is Dharma, the wheel of fortune,

    standing for good luck, karma, life cycles, destiny,

    a turning point

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    This white T-shirt white black denim insert is

    upcycled and hand embroidered

    in my atelier in Amsterdam.

    This piece was inspired by the power of spirituality in tarot cards, finding beauty and strength

    in every symbolism in the illustration.

    Entirely hand embroidered with the wheel of fortune tarot card, this piece is one of a kind.


    The Wheel of Fortune card shows a giant wheel, with three figures on the outer edges.

    The middle wheel has the alchemical symbols for mercury, sulphur, water and salt and represents formative power.

    On the outer circle is a snake,

    the Egyptian god Typhon (the god of evil), descending on the left side.


    The snake also represents the life force plunging into the material world.

    On the right side rises the Anubis, the Egyptian God of the dead who welcomes souls to the underworld.

    And on top of the wheel sits the Sphinx, representing knowledge and strength.

    In the corners of the Wheel of Fortune card are four winged creatures, each associated with the four fixed signs of the Zodiac:

    the angel is Aquarius,

    the eagle is Scorpio,

    the lion is Leo,

    and the bull is Taurus.

    Their wings signify stability amidst movement and change, and each holds the Torah,

    representing wisdom.

    This garment can be worn by a size L depending on the morphology but more informations are available below concerning all the main body measurements.

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    • Measurements laying flat

      Length (From nape of neck to hem) = 67cm / 26,3 inches

      Pit to pit = 54cm / 21,25 inches

      Shoulder to shoulder = 49cm / 19,29 inches

      Sleeve length = 20cm /  7,87 inches