• Marmaduke


    This is Marmaduke, because every great adventure starts with packing a bag, choose one with a soul.

    This tie and dye embroidered bum bag has the character to follow you through all your journeys!


    This triangular bum bag is up cycled and handmade out of used denim goods and embroidered by hand

    in my atelier in Amsterdam.


    This bag incarnates the summer vibe we’re constantly looking for, with its reflection in the golden chains and tie and dye.


    The front is hand embroidered with waves. There is one golden zipper on the front with an opening of 25cm,


    no pockets inside and no lining. Just denim. Only denim.


    It can be worn on your front or back, the golden chain adding a jewelry look.


    More informations are available below concerning all the main measurements. This bag can fit in a bigger wallet of 21cmx10cm.

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    • Measurements laying flat

      Triangle : 
      35cm / 13,7 inches = on top
      20cm / 7,8 inches = on the bottom
      31cm / 12,2 inches = on the side

      Zipper opening = 25cm / 9,8 inches
      Chain length = 63cm / 24,8 inches (x2)