tattoo your denim

Would you prefer to give a second life to your favorite denim item in your closet.

Well I hear you and I aim to please!

In the concept of my brand, I offer to tattoo your denim and make it unique and more amazing than it ever was!

It will give you peace of mind for the fit and the comfort of keeping that special item with sentimental value in your closet.

Price range : I have 3 different options depending on the complexity of the design

=> 20€ to 50€ : For one embroidery on one part of the item 

=> 50€ to 100€ : For several embroideries or special work on 2 different parts of the item or one big embroidery

=> 100€ to 150€ : For a total makeover and work involving the entire item.


Options for the makeover include : Embroideries/Patches/Tie&Dye bleaching/Used up or holes/Inclusion of metal details. 

If you’re not really sure of what is possible of if you have doubts, just contact me and I will let you know truthfully what will work best for your item. 


How does it work?


Choose the lucky item in your closet that will get to travel to Amsterdam for a make over!

only condition is = it has to be non stretch denim



Send an email with a clear photo of your item and of the design that you want embroidered

You can either choose your own design/illustration, you would like to have embroidered and specify where you would like it to be, how big etc. 

Or you can give some directions about what you like and I can come up with the designs myself


You will get a reply with everything you need to know about the work, it will be a collaboration so good communication is essential.

I will see if the project is viable and if it works for both of us, you will receive an invoice


Once you receive the invoice with shipping informations, you will first pay a deposit worth 30% of the full price and send your item to me


You will get a confirmation when I receive your item.

You will later be notified of completion, and receive an invoice for the remaining price you will have to pay


After receiving your final payment, your item will be shipped back to you.

shipping costs will be determined depending on your order and country


Receive your item transformed and show your own truth!

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