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The story


Sophie Cagniart is a designer, textile artist and the founder of Silent Wave Indigo. 


With a background in Fashion design and Pattern making from France

she chose to express herself through traditional crafts,

using denim and discarded jeans to create one of a kind, handcrafted pieces.


After experimenting with her choice fabric for years, she decided to focus her work

on different techniques like illustration work, Sashiko, Sakiori or Shibori. 

All these crafts allow her to create different textures and patterns that she combines in minimal designs,

giving the simplest fabrics a rich hand feel as well as an intricate look.

She likes to give the polished ornamental look of her embroideries a rugged twist,

adding distressed fabrics and patchwork in her designs

inspired by the worn down worker’s uniforms.


She also uses Sashiko embroidery for its main purpose :

mending jeans and giving them the second life they deserve.

Sashiko will make them stronger and give them a unique look.


With her art, she aims to introduce people to a more transparent process and to the forgotten ways of craftsmanship,

using the waste of the fashion industry to show a more sustainable path. 

"I have a true passion for denim,
I have been working and experimenting with it for years,

always discovering new ways to work that rough yet iconic material.

On this website, you will see all of my designs and upcyled works

that have seen the world so far.
An expression
An impression

All of my embroidery work is made by hand and one of a kind."

The vision

"People want to return to a simpler way of living, more sustainable and fair.

I want to customize garments that can tell

a story of a life

through the process of creation
A life like any other
Unlike any other.

By purchasing Silent Wave Indigo,

you’re not only getting

a beautiful handmade item.

That item comes with an attitude of itself

and a feeling of belonging

that you only get when purchasing

something unique."


The craft

I always embroider by hand,

no machines are involved.

It is a long and

fastidious work,

the average amount of work

on one design is

always around

25 to 30 hours of work.

Reviving traditional Craftsmanship.

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