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Custom Orders

I have a true passion for denim,
I have been working and experimenting with it for years,

always discovering new ways to work that rough yet iconic material.

On this website, you will see all of my designs and upcyled works

that have seen the world so far.

I can bleach, dye or alter any piece to give it a fresh new look.

I can patch up and repair a pair of jeans with the japanese mending technique of Sashiko,
or design any kind of illustration.

All of my embroidery work is made by hand and one of a kind.

In my opinion, fashion is in everything around us, in all the simple things
most of all, in the details.

People want to return to a simpler way of living,

more sustainable and fair.

I want to customize garments that can tell a story of a life

through the process of creation

A life like any other
Unlike any other.

By purchasing Silent Wave Indigo, you’re not only getting

a beautiful handmade item.

That item comes with an attitude of itself and a feeling of belonging

that you only get when

purchasing something unique.


Hand made embroidery

Stay and  Wander

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